30 Drawers, 30 Days – DONE

Thirty days has September, April, June, and November….. I can’t tell you how often I play that sing-songy poem in my head. I think I learned it in First Grade (thanks Miss Fogg) and that we probably had a penmanship assignment along with it. As the chorus began playing in my mind at the end of August, I wondered ‘what could I do in those thirty days?’

Clean out and organize each drawer in my house in thirty days. When the idea came to me, I kept taking a mental count of how many drawers we have and how many I am responsible and would come up with a different number every time. In the end 30 drawers became 40 with a decision to not include refrigerator/freezer/oven drawers this month.

Drawers are so convenient and lovely for hiding things away. I take them for granted and appreciate the way they enable me to NOT think about the STUFF that they hold. And looking at “DrawerCleaning”as a whole project is entirely overwhelming. My project began with thinking about 1ish drawer a day. As I got moving through the month, in some places it was easier to deal with groups.

The greatest gift came to me this month when organizing&cleaning, along with writing, were met with grace&permission to do this in a way that served me – not in a way that I served the project. In previous versions of myself, the first hint of not doing EXACTLY and PERFECTLY the way that I envisioned would have put the emergency brakes on the project. Flexibility with this project opened the door for me let the project accompany me rather than dominate or distract me. I’m super satisfied with my clean drawers, but I’m even more thankful for these gifts I didn’t expect to receive along the way.

Things I learned (or re-learned) from my drawers this month:

  • If a drawer won’t STAY organized, I’m probably asking it to do too much
  • If a drawer in only pulled out a couple inches to get at what is in the front and on top, there might be scary things hiding in the back
  • Nobody needs that many stirring spoons next to their stove – even if they are pretty
  • I want to make fondue a regular part of our lives
  • One drawer can lead to a bigger project, but it is okay to say NO to that bigger project and just tidy the drawer.
  • There are so many cool drawer (cupboard, closet, desk) organizers to buy – those are wants, not needs.
  • I like having a timed, focused project to write about.
  • I still like blogging like it’s 2007. Maybe I don’t need to apologize for that, especially if my audience is mostly me.

40 drawers done in 30 days. 15 blog posts in 30 days. What a delightful success.

#30Drawers30Days – over and out