30 Drawers, 30 Days – Day 29

Jewelry is one of those things in my house that I have a weird relationship with – I want to like it and I want to have a “style” of jewelry that is Me – but I mostly feel like a middle school Emily if I put too much thought or effort into it. I suppose I feel this way about clothes, too, and again I am thankful that I chose drawers and not closets to focus on this month!

My last official set of drawers are in a jewelry box that I bought a million years ago. I don’t love it, and if I hadn’t committed to no spending during the Drawer Project, I most certainly would have spent some money to find a better alternative. But here we are.

The beauty of having to use what I had is that I didn’t have many choices as I organized. I did a brutal purging (I was in a bad mood, and I hope I don’t look for something I purged in two months!), and created two piles to remove from every day access – holiday jewelry and memory jewelry. Those will go in small boxes and be put away in drawers.

I actually do feel much better about these tidy drawers and untangled chains. And I have a much better idea of what I have, what I like, and what I need when I shop for a new way to store and organize my jewelry – in October.

This brings me to 40 drawers out of 40 drawers done in my 30 drawers project!