31 Days of Christmas Planning (2.0)

I have had so much fun with my 30 days of drawers project (well, maybe fun isn’t the right word) and with working at a more regular writing habit that I have decided to use the momentum to keep going. I’m going continue to embrace the beauty of Early2000’s blogging and keep on writing.

In 2012, someone put out a challenge to write about something for 31 days – and I wrote about Christmas planning. I bet there were linkups and everything! Occasionally when I’m trying to do “Intentional Blog Work”, I run across this series. Like looking through the photo albums at my parents house, sometimes it is super cringy and other times it is incredibly cute and heart warming. I’m looking forward to resurrecting and updating this series for Life 8 Years Later.

When I originally wrote this blog series, Caleb was 13, Anna was 7, and Sofia was 5. Oh my sweetnesses. We lived in Maine, and could almost always count on a white Christmas and would certainly be using our pellet stove to create a warmth and glow throughout our living space. Now my little people are big, independent people. We live in sunny and much warmer SC where Christmas pj pictures can comfortably be taken outside. Some of our traditions and plans have stayed with us, and some have changed or gone by the wayside. And I am definitely not the same person I was 8 years ago.

During October 2020, I will use what I can from my series 8 years ago (with some polishing) and share new ideas and traditions when it is appropriate. At the end of each post, I will link to the original post. Welcome to a look back and a look foward to Christmas planning….

I’m a planner and a lister. And for almost 20 years I have made it my intention to be done a lot of the running around and shopping for Christmas by the time Thanksgiving Vacation begins. (Yes, that means I don’t do Black Friday sales.) Sometimes, this has helped me really set apart the season to be different and myself to be prepared. Sometimes, it just makes Thanksgiving week incredibly stressful.

For the next 31days, I commit to writing and planning about Christmas season 2020. I will write about preparing our home and our hearts for the season where we anticipate and celebrate Incarnate Love – the birth of Jesus.

(the original post can be found at – http://hopecaptive.com/?p=3825)