30 Drawers, 30 Days – Day 25

I knew that some drawers would lead to rabbit hole projects. I guess I should be thankful it didn’t happen until now. Or maybe I knew exactly where it would happen and that’s why I put it off till the end of then month.

The drawers under the tv – dvd’s, cd’s, games, cords, manuals, a Christmas tree remote (?!?) – what to do with all of it. And the rabbit hole this leads to is all the dvd’s and cd’s in the house. oof.

When we moved from Maine, we got rid of a LOT of jewel cases for both dvd’s and cd’s. But that means we have those storage case book things (see the middle drawer) full of media that we don’t look at or remember. So while I’m grateful for less bulk, this solution has aided our denial of all the movies and music that we have and don’t listen to anymore.

A quick look through and purge is possible, but it also has to go through at least the three other people I live with (I’m pretty sure C will say he doesn’t really care, but will I be able to let it go without his once over). And the cords I will be able to tidy, but I’m not a designated cord master in our home, so again this will require the assistance of my family.

So, this is going to become a later project. The quick purge will be completed in October. The bigger project will be transferring all that we have into some sort of Digital Jukebox solution (and that is a WHOLE OTHER rabbit hole – but so many cool options).

Here is what the drawers look like now:

And here is what the dining room table looks like:

We are going to eat on this surface tonight, so I will find a crate to put things in until we can get to work on it. Just keepin’ it real.

#30drawers30day 37/40 drawers done!