30 Drawers, 30 Days – Day 24

These are two drawers that, if I’m living well, will not stay tidy. The third drawer required no attention and is full of discarded jeans and possibilities. I met someone recently who said ‘I try to sew for at least an hour every night’. I love that idea and commitment, but I have not yet found a way to make that happen regularly. But it echoes in my mind with a tone of invitation.

I find crafting spaces (my crafting space is also a guest room) tricky to put together. When I craft, I’m in any number of particular moods. Add to those moods my ideas, my risk threshold, and my focus and my crafting (usually some sort of sewing) can go in a million directions. My heart desires a perfect set up in a perfect space that will always meet my needs perfectly. But any honest crafter will say ‘there is no perfect’ and pursuing perfect will block any creative flow and release.

So here are my tidy drawers. Let’s all hope they are a mess soon.

#30drawers30days 34/40 drawers done