We interrupt this 30 Drawers, 30 Days project….

…. to witness and care for baby of the family who had four teeth extracted last Friday. While there were moments of levity while she tried to convince the nurses that Minecraft livestreams really are something they should check out, she has had a slow and swollen recovery. Sometimes caregiving comes to me naturally, and sometimes I choose it. This week has been a combination of both, and so the Drawers just had to wait.

But today, I just needed to see something get done. Naturally, I went to the two drawers that I have been avoiding since September 1 – the last two kitchen drawers.

My family members kindly ooh’ed and aah’ed in a way that could get them roles on HGTV when they opened the new and improved drawers. But truth be told, I’m just not feeling it. These drawers are just A.LOT. The silverware drawer and the drawer with … stovetop and cooking tools and whatnots.

This drawer was the recipient of an organizer that was gifted to me. It fits the longer pieces a little bit better than what was there. This drawer also just had TOO much stuff in it. Some was eliminated and some put away in the pantry. If I haven’t “needed” what was put away by this December, I will eliminate it as well.

Silverware is such a mystery to me. And how much do we need? Not as much as we have until we don’t run the dishwasher for a couple days or when we have friends and family over for meals and desserts. And all the different shapes and sizes. Maybe if we had bothered to register for anything 26 years ago I would have gotten an education in cutlery. But we didn’t. So I just make it up. This drawer received the organizer that was in the other drawer, and again, I did eliminate and place some things into storage.

I came dangerously close to venturing into pantry and cupboard organization and cleaning today. It’s a very good thing that these are the last two kitchen drawers.