30 Drawers, 30 Days – Day 16

There are some drawers that I am just not looking forward to opening. You might have noticed that I haven’t been in the kitchen for a while and that is because the last two drawers are in the category of ‘how do I even…’.

I didn’t know what to expect with the set of drawers I tackled today and I only did the work because they are in the same room as my desk and I was waiting for Handbrake to process a file. Also, the drawers are mostly full of linens, which I really love, but I think is kind of an odd thing to love. Remember this scene:

Diana Barry:
Myra Gillis had 37 doilies when she got married, and I’m determined to have AT LEAST as many as she had.

Anne Shirley:
I suppose it would be impossible to keep house with only 36 doilies. But I assure you, Mr. Wright, Diana will be the sweetest little homemaker in the world… so long as you can afford to let her keep up with the Gillises.

Well, it turns out dumping everything on the floor works even for the ‘doilies’ in my drawers. I did finally say goodbye to a few tablecloths that I haven’t used for five years, and you can see that some things were significantly moved around. I’m excited to have this space organized and a little more open because I have almost another bin full of seasonal linens in the back of a closet… and I’m so glad that this month is JUST drawers. Maybe next September I’ll do closets (I’m only responsible for 6 of those).

Today’s tally is 28 drawers done, 12 drawers left, with 14 days to go.