30 Drawers, 30 Days – Day 10

Today was JunkDrawer Number2. It lives directly next door to JunkDrawer Number1. Their identical visual appearance and close proximity results in frequently shared and confused purposes. My label-maker and laminator COULD sort them out but then it would look and feel like a preschool in my kitchen – and the people I live with might not appreciate that vibe.

The truth about junk drawers is that to some extent they keep track of the things we need often and unpredictably. They hold a lot of the tools we need to make quick decisions and repairs, and I thank them for their service, and the delightful experience of tidying their messiness.

A small pile of things that got sent to the trash – mostly those plastic things that go under chair and couch and table legs. We have housed these in our junk drawer for over five years, which services no floors. So they will move on to make space for my next good idea in homemaking.

if you are keeping track – that’s 14/40 drawers done; still undecided about the appliance drawers