30 Drawers, 30 Days – Days 5, 6, 7

I keep losing count of the drawers I’m going to be cleaning in the 30 days of September. I have notes and counts scrambled down on postits and in a document where I am trying to plan my success. But darn, the numbers keep changing around on me. And this weekend, I realized I’d miss the oven drawer (ick), 2 refrigerator drawers, and our freezer is actually a drawer (that has an additional drawer). Last week, my count was 41 drawers. Today my count is 37, plus those five in the kitchen that are appliance related. So that puts me at 42. I’m going to keep thinking about whether I want to do the appliance drawers a little bit longer. But I think it’s time to be honest – I’m going to do more than 30 drawers in 30 days. But I’m not changing a thing, because the title I gave my challenge inspires me. So now that I’ve been honest, here is what was done this past weekend.

The first drawer I tackled was our Tea Drawer. I expected this drawer to take a little longer, since there is also a tea stash in the cupboard below the drawer AND in the pantry. All those spaces benefitted from attention and re-stocking – and I averted a major disaster by discovering we are dangerously low on rooibus and peppermint tea.

The second drawers I tackled are in our downstairs bathroom. We don’t keep a whole lot in these so it was really just a deep clean and disinfecting of all inside and outside surfaces.

8 done ??? to go