30 Drawers, 30 Days – Day 4

Today, I took a break from the kitchen. We put in a monthly essential oil order toward the beginning of each month, and I needed to take stock of what it needed. So that led to our big bathroom drawer.

This drawer. It is one of the few drawers that Marc and I share, and I have to confess, he is the much more considerate drawer sharer.

From this drawer, I removed about 10 (full) match cases (it would take a long time to enjoy that many candle-lit baths), a small handful of ‘what is this doing here’, a good amount of small glass bottles for essential oil usage (they were consolidated in another drawer), and some allergy pills dated 08/2006 (no kidding!).

It took 18 minutes to do this drawer which didn’t surprise me. I knew that I would be searching in closets, other drawers, and in cupboards to make sure things were in the right places.

Today was the first day it occurred to me that maybe sharing the insides of our drawers is really personal. Not feeling the urge to turn back, so here we go. Tomorrow, I’m back to the kitchen sorting out the ever cluttered and overflowing tea drawer. 5 Drawers down, 41 to go.