30Drawers, 30Days – Day 3

I took true inventory of the drawers in our home yesterday – 76 drawers. Of the 76, 26 aren’t my responsibility, 4 are for filing (not doing that this month), and 5 are empty. If I’m doing my math correctly, that still leaves 46 drawers. So in some situations, if I’m going to attempt to get them all cleaned up and tidied by October, I will be doing more than one a day. Today I tackled two corner drawers in the kitchen.

These are two relatively small drawers and I knew they would be easy to get done quickly. The cloths drawer was made even easier by a load waiting in the dryer for me to fold!

No surprises today. I moved a candy thermometer to the island drawer that has other thermometers in it. And I briefly wondered if we have too many spatulas and measuring spoons. I quickly got over that foolishness.