30Drawers, 30Days – Day 2

This drawer is the next door neighbor to Day 1 Drawer. They live in the “Island” of Pitman kitchen. This drawer represents some of our favorite things – pastry cutter (biscuits!), cookie dough scoops (who needs them baked?), and a rolling pin for pie crust. I thought today would take longer than yesterday, but I was wrong.

There are two things in this drawer that I feel like belong somewhere else but I’m not quite sure where – the ice cream scoop and the potato masher. As I continue my Drawer Tour through kitchen, I will be looking for those spaces.

As a side note, this is one of the things I HAD to buy in April or May. Did you find yourself having weird buying habits after a couple months of pandemic life? I bought them thinking about mini-quiches and mini-cheesecakes. But have I used them? No. What would you make? And even more importantly, do you have a recipe to share?