30Drawers30 Days, Day 1

There is a drawer in my kitchen that has bothered me most of the summer. Today, I’m winning against that drawer.

Anything that has an ability to hide clutter is wonderful. Houses and furniture are built for people that are most often paying more attention to their Real Life than they are the careful placement of a butter knife. There are gazillions of gadgets I could purchase to help me feel like the hidden life of my cutlery and hairbrushes is in order – but who am I kidding? Unless I’m very careful, and unless I tell my family that only I am allowed to put things away (are you kidding?), declutter tools are just as likely to add to the clutter they are meant to control.

Last week, as I caught the sing song verse “30 days has September” crossing my brain, I found it at the intersection of irritation with our Knife Drawer – the one that has bugged me all summer. At that crossroads, I came up with the idea for 30 drawers in 30 days.

I have counted the drawers in my house – 60. I am not responsible for all of them, and some are actually empty. But if I tackle one a day in September, then I will feel like a whole house makeover has taken place. My commitment is to take a before and after picture each day, to spend NO money on ‘organizers’ this month, and to time each clean out. I believe that I spend more time being bugged than it would take to deal with it in most cases.

Here is Before Picture 1. Looking at it, it doesn’t really look that bad, but you can’t see the crumbs and spills (how do we get spills in a drawer?).

Everything came out of the drawer, the drawer was wiped clean inside and out, the knife block and (previously purchased) organizer were cleaned, then everything was put back in. I threw out an egg slicer that has been broken for two months and a tool that none of us could identify.

It took me 10:11 80 minutes according to my stopwatch. Have I spent more than 10 minutes being bothered by this drawer? You bet.

Why bother to blog about my drawers in 2020? Yes, I know there are Big Things happening in our world and a clean drawer here and there isn’t going to make the world a better place. For me, this tiny bit of soul/self-care and home organization is anchoring. My heart and mind are entirely overwhelmed when I look at pandemics and politics, at injustice and un-love. Ten minutes to renew and redeem a space and evaluate a system… It’s not changing the Whole World, but it’s changing my little interior spaces in a way that is oddly sacred.

If you want to join me, let’s use the hashtag #30drawers30days.